9 Marvellous Master Bedroom Designs


The master bedroom is named so because it belongs to the master, or the owner, of the home. It also tends to be the largest and most attractive room. If your master bedroom isn’t doing it for you, do not worry as below are 9 fantastic master bedroom designs that you can use to draw inspiration from. We also hope … Read More

Hues For Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]


Home is where the heart is, it’s where you sit back and relax but it’s also a place for friends and family. When it comes to colouring your home you want to choose something that of course you like yourself, but you also want to choose colours that speak positively and make your house feel like a home. We here … Read More

Rewarding Renovations [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Since the credit crunch, the price of UK properties has slowly dwindled and it’s only in the last couple of years that they’ve finally started to gain more value. Adding value to your home is easier than it sounds, you don’t have to knock a wall down or add an extra room to add significant value to your property. Something … Read More