Hues For Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]


Home is where the heart is, it’s where you sit back and relax but it’s also a place for friends and family. When it comes to colouring your home you want to choose something that of course you like yourself, but you also want to choose colours that speak positively and make your house feel like a home. We here at Fit My Bedroom have made an informational graphic called “Hues For Your Home” to help puzzled homeowners choose the perfect shades for their little piece of heaven.

We’ll take you through step by step, from tints and tones all the way through to colour meanings and the maths behind perfect colour combinations. Did you know that a purple wall shows joy, creativity and sophistication? Or that purple shades go very well with green ones? It’s surprising just how much impact a colour can have on a single room or even a whole home. Read on to find out more…


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