8 Ways In Which You Can Decorate Your Conservatory


Having a conservatory can be an excellent additional to any home, especially a family home. Not only can they add more value to your home, by several thousands, but they can also add needed space within the home. Having this space is almost like having an entirely new room, with a view. But how should you use this added space? … Read More

Colours You Should Use for a Unisex Children’s Bedroom


When it comes to decorating a bedroom for a child, it is important that it becomes a place that they feel safe in and a place where they can both relax when it comes to bedtime but also play throughout the day. If you plan to create a child’s bedroom that is suitable for girls and boys then the colours … Read More

15 Kitchens That Look Too Good To Be True


The humble kitchen is arguably the most visited room in the home and is where everyone gathers to eat and talk. It’s the heart of the home, a room that knows no bounds and feels safe to all who enter it. Not everyone is a fan of the kitchen however, some are almost allergic to the kitchen. But there’s no … Read More

How To Be More Organised With a Bespoke Walk In Wardrobe


Walk in wardrobes aren’t just for the rich and famous, they’re actually a fantastic way to create more room in the rest of your home. You wouldn’t take up a whole wardrobe on your own, right? So you can use a walk in wardrobe as a communal wardrobe, so you can save space in bedrooms and other areas. If you’ve … Read More

Why Spring Cleaning Should Be A Monthly Venture


Spring cleaning is something we typically see as something we should do once a year, before the Easter Period. But why only once a year? We believe that you should be having a good old clean of your home once a month! Think about it, if you left everything the way it was for a whole year, imagine how untidy … Read More

How To Make The Most Delicious Cinnamon Latte


If you’re a coffee lover then the chances are you’re quite the fan of the odd latte. Many of us go to popular coffee shops such as Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero or Starbucks; but you can actually make your very own latte at home! It doesn’t actually take very long either, around 5 minutes. Here at Fit My Bedroom we … Read More

9 Marvellous Master Bedroom Designs


The master bedroom is named so because it belongs to the master, or the owner, of the home. It also tends to be the largest and most attractive room. If your master bedroom isn’t doing it for you, do not worry as below are 9 fantastic master bedroom designs that you can use to draw inspiration from. We also hope … Read More

Hues For Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]


Home is where the heart is, it’s where you sit back and relax but it’s also a place for friends and family. When it comes to colouring your home you want to choose something that of course you like yourself, but you also want to choose colours that speak positively and make your house feel like a home. We here … Read More

Rewarding Renovations [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Since the credit crunch, the price of UK properties has slowly dwindled and it’s only in the last couple of years that they’ve finally started to gain more value. Adding value to your home is easier than it sounds, you don’t have to knock a wall down or add an extra room to add significant value to your property. Something … Read More