Why Spring Cleaning Should Be A Monthly Venture


Spring cleaning is something we typically see as something we should do once a year, before the Easter Period. But why only once a year? We believe that you should be having a good old clean of your home once a month! Think about it, if you left everything the way it was for a whole year, imagine how untidy your home would be. Below are just some of the many benefits of spring cleaning once a month, rather than once a year.


It Takes Less Time


Of course if you are cleaning more often, the times you do clean your home will take less time than if you left it to once a year. You may only have a handful of things to throw out or sell whereas a yearly clear out could see you ending up needing a skip! It means you don’t need to set aside a day, or even a weekend, to sort it all out. If you’re the sort of person who is always busy, then you may want to consider clearing out your home monthly.

It Gives You A Sense Of Achievement


We’ve all had that fantastic feeling after clearing out a load of stuff, you can get that wonderful sense of achievement more often if you opted to spring clean once a month over once a year. It’s such little effort too, because you’re taking less time to do it you’re able to achieve very quickly. We’re all a little competitive at heart, so you could even make it something you do as a challenge to yourself or with your friends.


It Makes Your Home Always Look Great


You want to make sure that, as a host, your home is spick and span for those visiting. Curiosity could lead them to piles of mess that you’ve tried to hide in a corner, or even a cupboard that serves no other purpose other than to hide all the rubbish you haven’t got around to throwing away. Don’t be one of those people, get to it once a month and make your home an absolute pleasure to be in.


Your Home Is Dirtier Than Meets The Eye


Whether you see dirt or not, it’s always there. You could hoover once a day and still have dirt on the floor, why? Because we all shed our skin. These tiny skin particles can’t be seen with the human eye, and for the most part it is fairly clear. So you could have a large build up of skin cells on the floor without even knowing it. Make sure you give your home a good once over every month to avoid this from getting out of control. Dust is also a problem, so make sure you’re dusting high and low regularly.


It’ll Make You A Healthier Person


Getting rid of all that dust and dirt will stop your lungs from clogging up, so for sufferers of allergies can breathe much easier in your home. Also, cleaning burns of quite a few calories, so you’re not only getting a cleaner home but you’re also getting fit while you’re at it! Being active is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, so if you’re the kind of person that’s stuck in an office all day it’ll do you good to move about in the home.