How To Be More Organised With a Bespoke Walk In Wardrobe


Walk in wardrobes aren’t just for the rich and famous, they’re actually a fantastic way to create more room in the rest of your home. You wouldn’t take up a whole wardrobe on your own, right? So you can use a walk in wardrobe as a communal wardrobe, so you can save space in bedrooms and other areas. If you’ve got a spare room and don’t really know what to do with it then you can use it to create an amazing walk in wardrobe/storage space. We have our very own page dedicated to walk in wardrobes, why not check it out? Below are just a few things you can do with the more common objects found in a walk in wardrobe and why creating this space can benefit you and your clothes.



You could of course add a shoe rack into your walk in wardrobe, but if you’re a bit of a shoe hoarder then perhaps you may want to consider a large set of shelves to display them? There are many ways you can store your shoes in such a vast space, you can either have them on show or even hide them away. If you don’t want to display your twinkle toes then you can have slow closing drawers fitted, which not only hide your shoes but also protect them from dust.


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With your average wardrobe, you’re generally forced to hang clothes that would otherwise be folded. Many standard wardrobes only offer you a couple of drawers for storage space with more space for hanging. With a bespoke wardrobe you can choose exactly what you want it to look like, so you can have tall sections for gowns and trousers and have smaller sections for shirts and tops. You can also have small drawers or large drawers should you prefer to fold your clothes up before putting them away. With such a huge space, you’re able to properly separate your clothing and save space in other areas of the home. Jackets can take up a lot of room near the front door, so you could leave that empty and place them in your new wardrobe. This saves space and leaves room for guests coats.

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Instead of having to bung all of your accessories in a drawer, you can again separate them and even place them with the clothes they are related to. So you could have a drawer above your trousers for belts or find a helpful belt hanger. Scarves could be hung up or folded up neatly into drawers or placed on shelves near the coats. Walk in wardrobe ensures you know where all of your clothes are at all times.

Extra Storage

If the room you change into a walk in wardrobe was previously storing things, you can still do that.The beauty of this kind of wardrobe is that it creates space without it looking or feeling cluttered. If you add a couple of cupboards to the wardrobe space you’ll be able to store random objects that would otherwise just be laying around. You could even store gadgets such as vacuum cleaners in a wardrobe.

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