Colours You Should Use for a Unisex Children’s Bedroom


When it comes to decorating a bedroom for a child, it is important that it becomes a place that they feel safe in and a place where they can both relax when it comes to bedtime but also play throughout the day. If you plan to create a child’s bedroom that is suitable for girls and boys then the colours that you opt for are important in bringing the correct balance to the room. It has to be done in a way that feels comfortable and it cannot sway towards being more suitable for one sex than the other. To do this there are several things that can be done, but the colours and décor are vital in getting it absolutely right.


Decorating It The Right Way

When it comes to designing and decorating a bedroom for children there are many designs, themes and colours to choose from. Some themes are aimed at certain genders but there are many designs that can be used to create a unisex bedroom. You may be aiming to keep your child’s bedroom gender-neutral or the bedroom may be used by more than one child who are of the opposite sex, if this is the case then it is possible to find ideas that are appealing and suitable to any child.


When it comes to designing a unisex bedroom that is either used by one child or more than one then the colour and the design of the furniture have to be right. The bed has to be neutral which could mean pine, oak or even metal, these colours are suitable for girls and boys, but if you opt to have a bed that is painted then a neutral colour such as creams, browns or pastel colours that sit in the middle ground. Light greens and yellows work well for bedroom furniture but also remember that it is possible to change these colours with a bit of painting.

Making It Fun


Children love themes and for a unisex bedroom this can often be difficult, but this is where the versatility of a bedroom comes into its own. For a Unisex nursery, neutral themes like nursery rhymes, characters from story books or even animals are always a good place to start. Of course this all depends on how many are sharing the bedroom and if there are two children sharing the bedroom then it is possible to once again choose a theme that is neutral but to keep both Children happy it is possible to split the room in half and have two different themes. Whilst this may sound difficult it is actually a great way of getting the best of both worlds but remember you do not want two hugely contrasting colours so once again light greens, yellows and creams are the best option here. The walls will be the main focus and two colours can work perfectly well but they have to tie the room together.


When it comes to bedding, this once again has to tie in with the colour scheme in the room and it should also reflect the taste of the child. If the children share similar likes then the same bedding can be used but these once again have to be neutral colours to reflect the feel of the room and what you are trying to achieve. Of course, if the room is split then it is possible to have bedding that reflects each side of the room.

Decorating a room so that it is suitable for girls and boys does not have to be challenging. Some preparation and planning can go a long way to making the bedroom look not only beautiful but a place where the children want to be. If you’d like to add in a fitted wardrobe to your unisex room then we can help you with our bespoke bedroom wardrobes.